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  1. Mathematics and statistics education in schools and colleges (including TAFE colleges)(Chair: Kim Beswick, University of Tasmania).

  2. Mathematics and statistics education and training in universities(Chair: Barry Hughes, University of Melbourne).

  3. Mathematics and statistics research (including interdisciplinary research) in universities and related institutions (e.g. medical research institutes)(Chairs: Nigel Bean, University of Adelaide, and Andrew Hassell, Australian National University).

  4. Mathematics and statistics (including education, training and research) in government instrumentalities, both state and federal (including government laboratories such as CSIRO and DSTO)(Chair: Geoff Lee, recently at ABS)

  5. Mathematics and statistics (including education, training and research) in business and industry(Chair: Nick Stavrou, Q-Risk Strategies).

  6. Research centres, present and future, in mathematics and statistics(Chair: Peter Forrester, University of Melbourne).

  7. The view of the Australian Mathematics diaspora abroad(Chair: Terry Tao, UCLA)
Professor Peter Hall FAA (University of Melbourne)

  • Professor Nigel Bean (University of Adelaide)
  • Associate Professor Kim Beswick (University of Tasmania)
  • Professor Peter Forrester FAA (University of Melbourne)
  • Professor Merrilyn Goos (University of Qld)
  • Professor Andrew Hassell FAA (Australian National University)
  • Associate Professor Anthony Henderson (University of Sydney)
  • Professor Barry Hughes (University of Melbourne)
  • Professor Nalini Joshi FAA – National Committee for Mathematical Sciences Chair (University of Sydney)
  • Mr Geoff Lee (recently at Australian Bureau of Statistics)
  • Professor Geoff Prince (Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute)
  • Dr Nick Stavrou (Q-Risk Strategies)
  • Professor Terry Tao FAA (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Ms Jan Thomas (Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne)

Photo of Steering Committee Members at the March 2013 meeting
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