Decadal Plan Events

Presenter: Peter Stacey

  • Date: Tuesday 19th February 2013 11am
    Venue: Carslaw Lecture Theatre 175, The University of Sydney
    Co-presenter: Professor Gus Lehrer


  • Date: Wednesday 20th February 2013 11am
    Venue: Priestley Building (67) Room 442, The University of Queensland
    Co-presenter: Professor Graeme Pettet


  • Date: Wednesday 27th February 2013 2pm
    Venue: John Dedman Building Room JDG35, The Australian National University
    Co-presenter: Professor Markus Hegland


  • Date: Thursday 28th February 2013 12 noon
    Venue: Napier Building Room 208, The University of Adelaide
    Co-presenter: Professor Jerzy Filar


  • Date: Friday 1st March 2013 12 noon
    Venue: Alan Gilbert Building Theatre 4, The University of Melbourne
    Co-presenter: Professor Peter Taylor


  • Date: Tuesday 5th March 2013 5pm
    Venue: Blakers Lecture Theatre, University of Western Australia
    Co-presenter: Professor Cheryl Praeger


  • Date: Friday 15th March 2013 1pm-2pm
    Venue: Physics Lecture Theatre 2, University of Tasmania
    Co-presenter: Professor Larry Forbes


  • Date: Thursday 21st March 2013 2pm
    Venue: NICTA Australian Technology Park
    Venue: Level 5, 13 Garden Street
    Venue: Eveleigh NSW 2015
    Audience: Sydney government instrumentalities
    Co-presenter: Bernard Kachoyan (DSTO)


  • Date: Friday 22nd March 2013 9:30am
    Venue: ABS House
    Venue: 45 Benjamin Way
    Venue: Belconnen ACT 2617
    Audience: Canberra government instrumentalities
    Co-presenter: Geoff Lee (formerly of ABS)

Steering Committee Meetings

  • Date: Wednesday 12 December 2012 10am-12:30pm EDST
    Venue: Teleconference


  • Date: Wednesday 13 March 2013 10am-12:30pm EDST
    Venue: Australian Academy of Science, Canberra and by Teleconference


  • Date: Friday 12 December 2014 11:30am-2:00pm EDST
    Venue: Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, Melbourne


  • The first workshop on the Decadal Plan for the Mathematical Sciences will be held at the University of Melbourne on Monday 09 December 2013.

Draft Timetable

9.40-10.00: (main room) opening remarks and introduction of subcommittee chairs, who may each speak briefly
10.00-10.30: (main room) subcommittee chairs present, to all workshop attendees, the recommendations or ideas developed so far
10.30-11.00: (main room) open discussion
11.00-11.30: morning tea
11.30-1.00: (separate room for each subcommittee) subcommittees discuss their ideas with workshop participants and develop them further, for example by discussing arguments for and against recommendations
1.00-2.00: lunch
2.00-3.30: (separate room for each subcommittee) continuation of work from 11.30-1.00, concluding in refined recommendations
3.30-4.00: (main room) each subcommittee chair presents their refined recommendations to the whole workshop
4.00-5.00: (main room) open discussion, identifying contentious recommendations or problems

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