Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a dplan login?
  • You do not need a login to browse the site or to view Submissions and Comments. However, you will need to be registered if you want to make a Submission or to comment on one.
  • How do I get a dplan login?
  • This is described in the last section of the Submissions page but if you would like to request one now, click here. The site administrators will notify you by email when you have been registered.
  • How do I view Submissions?
  • Bring up the Committees page from the menu and select the Subcommittees tab. Click on a Subcommittee link to view all of its Submissions. To view the Submissions for a particular Theme of a Subcommittee, click the Subcommittee’s Themes link to expand its list of Themes and then select the name of the Theme you are interested in.
  • How do I comment on a Submission?
  • If comments have been enabled on the Submission that you are viewing, there will be a link labelled either Leave a comment or Leave a Reply to allow you to respond.
  • How do I make a new Submission?
  • This procedure is described in the last section of the Submissions page.
  • How do I refer to external documents in a Submission?
  • If your document is accessible from the web, all you have to do is include an HTML link to it in your Submission text. Before you Submit for review, you should use the Preview facility to ensure that the link works. If you are unable to put your document(s) on the web, you can email your Submission to the dplan site administrators with the extra documents as attachments. Give the attached files names such as attachment-1 etc. and enter the matching name in your Submission text exactly where you want each link to be placed. The site administrators will place your attached documents in a local repository and put suitable links in your Submission in the places that you have indicated.

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