This Decadal Plan[1] aims to provide

  • An assessment of the current state of the mathematical sciences in Australia
  • Identifying and prioritizing opportunities for the period 2015-2025, and
  • An outline of strategies to achieve these priorities.

The process will incorporate widespread consultation and discussion with the mathematical community and  external stakeholders. It will focus on a longer-term strategic view for the mathematical sciences. Outcomes will include specific recommendations to those parties involved in funding mathematics research and education, and in setting future policies. These include government departments, education providers and industry.

The plan will present the Australian mathematical science community’s strategic vision for the following ten years.

The decadal plan is for:

  1. Mathematicians, statisticians, mathematics educators and quantitative scientists, in universities, educational bodies, government agencies, industry and business.
  2. Leaders, managers and policy makers in universities, educational bodies, government agencies, industry and business
  3. State and federal governments and their departments, offices and office-bearers whose areas of responsibility include education, research and industry that overlaps with the mathematical sciences.



[1] Decadal adj. means of or relating to the number ten; belonging to a decade or period of ten years, Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd edition, 1989.


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