About us


The area of integrable systems lies at the boundary of mathematics and physics.

Integrable systems are universal limiting models of science that are widely applicable. The field grew from observations of astonishingly well-ordered and predictable behaviour in certain models of nonlinear lattices used to describe the thermal properties of metals and led to the theory of solitons and completely integrable systems, one of the most profound advances of twentieth century mathematics. Reductions led to the Painlevé equations, which are canonical representations of integrable models in one dimension.


The integrable systems group at the University of Sydney is led by Nalini Joshi and currently consists of one research fellow, Milena Radnovic; two postdoctoral research associates, Nobutaka Nakazono and Yang Shi; seven postgraduate students; Huda AlrashdiMatthew Nolan, Michael Touitou, Pieter Roffelsen, Elynor Liu, Shonal Singh and Steven Luu.

Integrable systems group by Ted Sealey


We hold annual workshops to bring together integrable systems researchers from around the world. Our next workshop will be held in December 2017.