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We hosted our fifth annual Workshop on Integrable Systems on

7 – 8 December 2017

at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the University of Sydney.


This workshop is being organised by Nalini JoshiMilena Radnovic, Yang Shi, and Stephanie Swanson.



Nail Akhmediev: Nonlinear Schrodinger equation, its extensions and rogue wave solutions
Vladimir Bazhanov: Towards Canonical Quantization of Non-Linear Sigma-Models
Emma Carberry: Toroidal Soap Bubbles: Constant Mean Curvature Tori in S3 and R3
Amin Chabchoub: The significance of solitons and breathers in hydrodynamic applications
Holger Dullin: Monodromy in the Kepler Problem
Charalambos Evripidou: Poisson structures for difference equations
Peter Forrester: Volumes and distributions for random lattices
Andrew Hone: Linearization and reduction of a 6-point lattice equation
Rei Inoue Yamazaki: Cellular automata for reduced words in the affine symmetric group
Nalini Joshi: Elliptic-difference-type Painlevé equations
Peter van der Kamp: Families of integrable mappings of the plane
Spyridon Kamvissis: Initial/Boundary Value Problems in Soliton Theory: Admissible Data for the Unified Scattering Method
Decio Levi: Classification of integrable differential-difference equations relating five lattice point
Oleg Lisovyi: Painlevé functions, Fredholm determinants and combinatorics
Jean-Marie Maillard: Modular forms, Schwarzian derivative conditions, and symmmetries of differential equations in physics
Ian Marquette: Higher rank quadratic algebras and algebraic derivation of spectrum
Reinout Quispel: On a dual to the lattice AKP equation
Dinh Tran: Poisson brackets for periodic reductions of (integrable) lattice equations
Peter Vassiliou: Role of Symmetry in Nonlinear Control Theory
Claude Viallet: From maps with invariants to invariants with maps
Alessandra Vittorini Orgeas: Yang-Baxter solution of Dimers as a Six-Vertex Model


Thursday, 7 December
Chair: Nalini Joshi
09:00 – 09:15 Opening: Joshi
09:15 – 09:45 Viallet
09:50 – 10:20 Lisovyi
10:25 – 10:55 van der Kamp

Morning tea

Chair: Giorgio Gubbiotti
11:30 – 12:00 Inoue Yamazaki
12:05 – 12:35 Hone
12:40 – 13:10 Vittorini Orgeas


Chair: Peter Vassiliou
14:00 – 14:30 Bazhanov
14:35 – 15:05 Akhmediev
15:10 – 15:40 Chabchoub

Afternoon tea

Chair: Yang Shi
16:15 – 16:45 Kamvissis
16:50 – 17:20 Vassiliou
17:25 – 17:55 Joshi

Friday, 8 December
Chair: Claude Viallet
09:00 – 09:30 Maillard
09:35 – 10:05 Forrester
10:10 – 10:40 Carberry

Morning tea

Chair: Yingying Sun
11:15 – 11:45 Levi
11:50 – 12:20 Dullin
12:25 – 12:55 Marquette


Chair: Milena Radnovic
13:45 – 14:15 Evripidou
14:20 – 14:50 Tran
14:55 – 15:25 Quispel

Afternoon tea and discussion

The Workshop will be held in New Law School Annexe, Level 3, Seminar room 342.

Previous workshops

First Workshop on Integrable Systems, 2 December 2013
Second Workshop on Integrable Systems, 4 – 5 December 2014
Third Workshop on Integrable Systems, 3 – 4 December 2015
Fourth Workshop on Integrable Systems, 1 – 2 December 2016


Register by emailing the organisers at:

Registrations close on 1 November 2017.