What is APIOS


Stimulated by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, and the cancellation of several conferences in the field of Integrable Systems, we decided to run a fortnightly online seminar for the Asia-Pacific region.

We called this series of seminar the Asia-Pacific Integrable Online Seminar (APIOS). With this initiative we plan to create to keep in touch leading researchers on the subject in the region.


  • The APIOS seminar runs fortnightly on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
  • Seminars will run on Zoom. Registered participants will receive a reminder email one hour before the seminar starts. Please try to join the seminar at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • The Seminar is hold in form of a 50 minutes lecture, where the invited speakers present their research results. All microphones of the participants are muted, except of the speaker and chair person.
  • After the talk there are 10 minutes to answer questions. During the talk, participants are encouraged to write questions either in the chat or in the Q&A field.


To register please fill the associated form. In case of problems contact Dr. Giorgio Gubbiotti.


Managing organisers:

Dr. Giorgio Gubbiotti, The University of Sydney
Prof. Nalini Joshi, The University of Sydney

Scientific commitee:

Prof. Murray Batchelor, Australian National University – Integrable systems and Physical applications
Prof. Rei Inoue, Chiba University – Cluster algebras and cellular automata
Prof. Kenji Kajiwara, Kyushu University – Geometry of discrete integrable systems
Prof. Kenichi Maruno, Waseda University – Solitons and water waves
Prof. Sarah Post, University of Hawaii at Manoa – Superintegrability
Prof. Da-jun Zhang, Shanghai University – Exact solutions of integrable systems