APIOS Talk 03 September 2020


Prof. Atsuo Kuniba
The University of Tokyo


Generalized hydrodynamics for randomized box-ball system


Box-ball system (BBS) is a prominent example of soliton cellular automaton in one dimension. By now its integrability has been well understood from the viewpoint of quantum groups, Bethe ansatz, ultradiscretization and tropical geometry. In the last few years, randomized version of BBS has attracted much attention in the light of generalized Gibbs ensemble and generalized hydrodynamics. In this talk I will report on recent results in this direction. They include, as long as time permits, limit shape of rigged configurations, exact solution to the speed equation, connection to the period matrix of a tropical Riemann theta function, explicit description of density plateaux emerging from a domain wall initial condition including their diffusive broadening.
The content is based on a joint work arXiv:2004.01569 with Grégoire Misguich and Vincent Pasquier.


Thursday 03 September 2020, 11:00AM Tokyo time.


Read the talk.

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