APIOS Talk 15 September 2020


Prof. Yuma Mizuno,
Tokyo Institute of Technology


Difference equations arising from cluster algebras


The theory of cluster algebras gives powerful tools for systematic studies of discrete dynamical systems. Given a sequence of quiver mutations that preserves the quiver, we obtain a finite set of algebraic relations, yielding a discrete dynamical system. Such a set of algebraic relations is called a T-system. In this talk, I will explain that T-systems are characterized by pairs of matrices that have a certain symplectic property. This generalize a characterization of period 1 quivers, which was given by Fordy and Marsh, to arbitrary mutation sequences. I will also explain the relation between T-systems and Nahm’s problem about modular functions, which is one of the main motivations of our study.


Tuesday 15 September 2020, 11:00AM Tokyo time.


Read the talk.

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