APIOS Talk 26 November 2020


Prof. Changzheng Qu
Ningbo University


Integrable Systems and Invariant Geometric Flows in affine-related Geometries


Invariant geometric flows in certain geometries have been studied extensively from different points of view. In this talk, we are mainly concerned with invariant geometric flows in centro-affine, centro-equiaffine and affine geometries etc. First, we show that the specific invariant geometric flows in those geometries are related respectively to the well-known integrable systems. Those integable geometric flows corresponding to some solutions of integrable systems will be studied. Second, the geometric formulations to integrability features of the resulting systems are investigated. Third, the geometric flows corresponding to the Camassa-Holm-type are also presented.


Thursday 26 November 2020 10AM Beijing time


Read the talk.

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