APIOS Talk 25 March 2021

Speaker Prof. Di Yang USTC Title On tau-functions for the KdV hierarchy Abstract For an arbitrary solution to the KdV hierarchy, we give an expression of the generating series of logarithmic derivatives of the tau-function of the solution explicitly in terms of the so-called basic matrix resolvent. Based on this we develop two new formulae […]

APIOS Talk 09 March 2021

Speaker Dr. D. Croydon Kyoto University Title Invariant measures for KdV and Toda-type discrete integrable systems Abstract I will describe how to construct infinite versions of four well-studied discrete integrable models (namely the ultra-discrete KdV equation, the discrete KdV equation, the ultra-discrete Toda equation, and the discrete Toda equation), and discuss some arguments that are […]

APIOS Talk 25 February 2021

Speaker Dr. Gleb A. Kotousov DESY, Theory Group Title Density of states for an integrable spin chain Abstract The focus of the talk is a certain critical 1D quantum spin chain that lies within the integrability class of a staggered six-vertex model. In the scaling limit the spin chain exhibits a continuous spectrum of conformal […]