APIOS Talk 25 February 2021


Dr. Gleb A. Kotousov
DESY, Theory Group


Density of states for an integrable spin chain


The focus of the talk is a certain critical 1D quantum spin chain that lies within the integrability class of a staggered six-vertex model. In the scaling limit the spin chain exhibits a continuous spectrum of conformal dimensions, which is characterised by a density of states. The latter was determined in the recent work arXiv:2010.10613. It turns out to involve the eigenvalues of a non-local integral of motion, the so-called reflection operator, from the quantum AKNS integrable structure. Apart from recounting the relevant results of that paper, I will briefly discuss their applications to the study of the non-compact CFT whose target space is the 2D Euclidean black hole (Hamilton’s cigar).


Thursday 25 February 2021, 1PM Sydney Time


Read the talk.

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